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Air purification products sales channels will be engineering - based

Time:2020-07-03 10:12:30

Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei are expected to see heavy smog for a week, according to a yellow alert issued by the National Meteorological Center late yesterday. The fog and haze weather process lasted for a long time and affected a wide area. Wang Anshun, mayor of Beijing, stressed the importance of air pollution control and the great pressure Beijing faces in combating pollution at a recent all-delegation meeting of Chaoyang. Beijing has signed a responsibility letter with the central government, promising to improve air pollution by 2017.

"At present, air purification products are mainly sold in engineering." Zhang Taohua stressed that the company's air purification products include: household air purification series, building air purification series, high-energy ion deodorization series and four series of healthy life appliances, suitable for home, factories, hotels, shopping malls and other fields.

Air purification and water treatment is a wide range of products. As for the development of sales channels, Zhang Taohua said, engineering is still the main category at present, and later sales channels gradually into e-commerce, dealers and agents and other diversified channels.

The company's semi-annual report shows that the company as a whole has achieved an operating income of 200 million yuan, among which the ULTRAVIOLET lamp series is 19 million yuan, accounting for 9.50% of the total operating income. Zhang Taohua discloses, ultraviolet lamp series includes 3 kinds of products, the first kind of ULTRAVIOLET germicidal lamplight source product, the 2nd kind is product of air purify kind, the 3rd kind is product of water treatment kind, among them with ultraviolet germicidal lamplight source product sale takes the first place.

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