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Three major causes of clean room pollution

Time:2020-07-03 10:26:01

With the rapid development of modern industry, clean room has become irreplaceable. We all know that the main function of a clean room is to expel particulate matter, bacteria and other pollution within a certain space to the outside. The clean room, also known as the dust-free room or dust-free workshop, has strict requirements on the indoor environment, especially the indoor temperature and humidity, air particles, indoor noise and so on have strict control. Therefore, the cleanliness of the clean room needs to be strictly controlled. There are several types of pollution sources in clean rooms, among which biological, physical and harmful gas pollution are the most important.

Physical pollution, we say physical pollution generally refers to some dust, dust, fine fibers, objects after burning waste and so on from the clean room, the main body of its behavior is the personnel in the internal activities caused by the pollution. Therefore, the clean room is generally equipped with purification equipment with clean functions. The super-clean workbench produced and developed by Shanghai Kangte Environmental Protection Institute can effectively reduce personnel pollution caused during the operation.

Pollution of harmful gases, harmful gases in clean rooms include more complex contents, such as chemical gases, body odor, sweat odor, smoke odor, etc. The main harmful gas is carbon dioxide produced by human body or chemicals after combustion. When carbon dioxide is combined with water in the air, it will form carbonic acid. Over time, the colored steel sandwich board in the room will be corroded, which will affect the aesthetics and safety of the clean room, and even affect the cleanliness of the clean room.

Biological pollution, such as biological laboratory will keep livestock and other animals, these animals will make microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, mold and other large number of reproduction. So for indoor air circulation, the air purification effect of the good has a considerable impact. Proper addition of FFU purification unit has a very good control effect on the cleanliness of indoor air environment.

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