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Clean room, dust-free workshop, clean workshop area

Time:2020-07-03 10:16:38

Clean room, dust-free workshop and clean workshop, as a kind of complementary basic industry, have been widely used. At present, it has applications in aerospace and aerospace engineering, automobile spraying, precision instrument manufacturing, semiconductor, medicine and health, biological engineering, photovoltaic electronics, electronic information and other industries. Due to the different dust-free requirements and precision degree of various products, the grade of clean room varies greatly, among which precision electronic instruments, biological, medical and other industries have the highest requirements for clean grade.

Microelectronics and electronic industry

Microelectronics is now the most common industry for clean rooms. In addition, such as the production of optical fiber, liquid crystal, solar panels and other products in the modern electronics industry, have higher requirements for cleanliness.

2. Pharmaceutical and biological industries

The GMP standard (also known as the "Drug Production Management Standard") is a system for ensuring the continuous production of drugs of specified quality. The code has been formally implemented nationwide. Compared with the technological process, the specification puts forward different requirements on the production environmental cleanliness level of drugs. In addition to limiting the number of biological particles (bacteria), specific limits are proposed on the amount and size of airborne dust particles.

(1) Hospitals: Surgical operating rooms, leukemia treatment rooms, burn wards, etc., should control the number of bacteria in the air with the corresponding cleaning technology according to the conditions, ensure the cleanliness of the treatment environment, and reduce the risk of infection of patients.

(2) Medical scientific experiments: For genetic engineering, experimental animal breeding and other scientific experimental projects, in order to achieve effective results, the laboratory should also have a corresponding clean environment.

Food and packaging industry: The food packaged aseptically in the clean plant is superior to the canned food with high temperature sterilization in color, aroma, taste and nutrition. Aseptic packaging has become a new trend in the food industry.

4. Other industries

Such as fine chemical industry, instrument industry, precision machinery industry, aerospace industry, etc., need to use clean technology. Among them, the aerospace aviation warehouse has the highest requirement of cleanliness, which basically belongs to level 1. This industry is a special field with high cleanliness requirements, but relatively small clean area. There are also biochemical laboratories and high-precision nanomaterials production workshops that require higher purification levels. In addition, the development of Internet chips will also be a major direction of future demand.

Clean room, dust-free workshop, clean workshop Grade Specification:

Cleanrooms may be graded according to the degree of purification, regional environment, etc. In general, the smaller the value, the higher the level of purification. That is, 300,000 levels < 100,000 levels < 10,000 levels < thousand levels < hundred levels.

Enterprises should strictly follow the industry design, construction, acceptance of clean plant construction, so as to standardize the process of production and management.

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