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Matters needing attention in selecting purification equipment for dust-free workshop of purification engineering

Time:2020-07-03 10:18:59

Dust-free workshop purification equipment is mainly used to remove air (dust, pollen, debris, etc.), kill harmful viruses and bacteria in the air; At the same time, adsorb and decompose harmful gases in the air to improve the cleanliness of indoor air and achieve the purpose of indoor air purification. When choosing purification equipment, we should pay attention to the relevant matters.

1. Safety: It has the safety test certification of relevant authoritative departments to ensure the safe use of purification equipment.

2. Applicability: Select air purification equipment according to the type of pollutants to be purified, and select appropriate dust-free workshop purification equipment according to different requirements

3. Service life: With the purification and filtration project gradually becoming saturated, the adsorption capacity of the purifier will decrease. Therefore, consumers should choose the purification and filtration bile with regeneration function to extend its life.

4, purification efficiency: the room is large, should choose a unit purification air volume of air purification equipment; For example, a room of 15 square meters should be equipped with purification equipment with a unit purification air volume of 120 cubic meters per hour. Different space to choose different efficiency of the dust - free workshop purification equipment.

5. Filtration materials: Good filtration materials (such as hePA filter materials) can adsorb pollutants over 0.3 microns as high as 99.9%; If indoor smoke pollution is heavy, you can choose a better effect of dust purification equipment. High efficiency air filter can efficiently remove the sundries in the air, take effect quickly. According to their own needs, want to achieve what effect, what degree of purification to choose workshop purification equipment.

The selection of cleaning equipment in dust-free workshop should comprehensively consider the above factors, comprehensively analyze, and choose their own ideal cleaning equipment.

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