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Wuxi plant decoration decoration design

Time:2020-07-03 10:23:06

1. Industrial plant design shall create necessary conditions for construction, installation, maintenance, management, testing and safe operation.

2. The industrial plant design shall comply with the relevant requirements of the current national standards and specifications in addition to the implementation of this code.

3. The design of industrial plants must be carried out in accordance with the relevant national policies and guidelines, and be technologically advanced, economically rational, safely applicable, and quality-assured, in line with the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

4. This code is applicable to the design of newly built, rebuilt and expanded industrial workshops, not to the biological clean room with bacteria as the control object, the provisions of the chapter on fire prevention, evacuation and fire fighting facilities of this code, not to the design of high-rise industrial workshops and underground industrial workshops with a building height of more than 24 meters.

5. When the original building is used for the clean technology transformation, the industrial workshop design must be based on the production process requirements, adjust measures according to local conditions, treat differently, and make full use of the existing technical facilities.

6, use function reasonable layout, according to the specific usable area to carry on the scientific division is the primary purpose, the general plant area is larger, so in the division of use function and take into account the flow of people distribution, ventilation, fire channel reservation. design

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