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Environmental protection skills of wuxi factory decoration

Time:2020-07-03 10:24:34

1. In addition to the use of green and environment-friendly building materials, indoor air should always be kept clear and harmful gases should be released in time during the construction process. Meanwhile, proper classification and treatment of construction wastes should be conducted to ensure that the construction personnel's health and environment will not be affected during the construction process.

2, to adopt the correct decoration technology and procedures, such as the plate after cutting, timely edge sealing processing; To minimize the release of harmful gases; Artificial wood products brush oil to be complete, it is best not to leak brush; Local decoration ends in time for pollution prevention and control, do not install joinery board under compound floor.

3, should adopt more assembly construction, as far as possible to reduce to avoid site operations, reduce dust, garbage, noise and a lot of on-site painting, adhesion and other work, in order to reduce indoor harmful substances to air pollution.

4, in strict accordance with the decoration design construction, do not use too much free formaldehyde high adhesive because of the bond strength problem.

5. The key materials that are easy to cause indoor environmental pollution should be sampled and tested before use. The relevant testing units can be entrusted to test the free formaldehyde or formaldehyde emission of key materials such as adhesives, artificial boards, waterborne coatings and paints.

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