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Suzhou plant decoration paint selection requirements

Time:2020-07-03 10:25:21

A, choose the regular brand store

Had better choose the brand store of environmental protection type, the paint quality of this kind of store, environmental protection performance and service promise reliability are high. Observe paint color next, environmental paint chooses import raw material to make up, varnish color and lustre water is white, glittering and translucent and transparent, matte varnish is translucent, slightly turbiditic form, without redness and precipitation phenomenon; Environmental paint packaging is more elegant, clear and beautiful handwriting.

Second, smell, distinguish the quality

Obtain the product that national quality appoints is assured, quality is good, the odour of environmental protection paint should be gentle, quietly elegant, aroma is pure, inferior paint can have a kind of intense pungent odour or other unidentified peculiar smell.

Iii. After-sales commitment is guaranteed

Paint and other products, to consider the after-sale quality service through dealers to paint quality, price, environmental protection and after-sales service and other questions to answer, with the national standard inspection report for comprehensive analysis and judgment.

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